You'll never guess who was the first to visit this site on Valentine's day.."The Pentagon, Washington, D.C., United States" .How romantic,huh?I have several theories on this,but one thing is for sure..Valentine's day couldn't have started on a better note..I don't mean to be disrespectful to anybody but mainly, people come upon this blog either through other blogs,links,web rings etc and then ...AHEM...via search engines...msn ,mamma,kaaza..The search engines are many but the search query is always one:mallu girls.I don't know how this tragedy of epic proportions has come about but I feel sorry for these dudes for ending up on my site when they are clearly out for a night of pleasure and perversion.Even if you add movies,sexy and any other provoking search words still my site figures in there.Now what I am asking is...Why did the pentagon come to my site and if so in what way,eh? ;-)

There are some advantages to being in Trivandrum after all.I challenge any of you reading this to suggest a more unromantic,conservative place.So probably only here you'll find cards like "Happy valentines day Mummy" and all that crap..People are so desperate that its ok even if it's their moms..So no excitement about Valentines day palpable at all..

Seriously ,but ,there's a become one of "them"... I have been here for six months and I am half a Trivandrumite...the pessimism,the indifference,the don't even realise it.Maybe it's worse in metros like Bombay ,Delhi but I can't stand it...But the best part is you never realise all this unless you leave this place for sometime as it happened with me.As i famously like to say,it has all the bad points of a metro but none of the goodies to offer.It doesnt get duller in the world than good ol Trivandrum folks...Sigh

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