The Ladies..

I don't know the exact reason why but I prefer reading blogs by the opposite sex. Maybe it's because they write from a different perspective and are able to express their emotions better.Gorgeous is an old hand at blogging and right from the first post she has been bang on target.All her posts without exception are of a high standard and her descriptive prowess have to be read to be believed.Sheetal writes with a bubbly enthusiasm that I hope stays with her....he he.She reminds me a lot of my younger days and engages in disapearing acts and writes superficially,just like moi .I strongly believe she takes inspiration from me. ;)No venturing into the deep waters of emotional turmoil or auto psychoanalysis for us!!But I suspect she's more honest and of course nowhere near as devious as me.My latest female addiction is Speed whose writing is similar to G's and of course just as popular.Both are brutally honest and write things I could never have the courage to divulge even if Im clothed in anonymity.Those might be the ingredients after all, brutal honesty and no beating around the bush, that makes all these ladies delighting to read!

To the eidolon in the Zen....

With the onset of monsoons, comes the play of light and rain.The sky one moment dark,cold and brooding,the next moment ablaze with light! And the rain always gentle after that initial torrent has wiped the city clean of its dirt.

This morning,was such a glorious day and my car was bang in the busy intersection waiting to turn right.Typical Indian road scene...lots of hooting, horning, swearing.Cars were slowly coming from the opposite direction while a traffic policeman was doing what he can.I was the first in my lane and having the luxury of watching the full chaos in the junction, watching with detachment the cars ambling along.

A white Zen was coming towards me and there was a very pretty gal inside.Her car had the red cross sticker,so she must be a doc?! She had bobbed hair and looked even more beautiful coming closer.Wait a minute ,do I know her? I kept looking (not staring;) ) at her trying to figure out .She was looking back at me the whole time and suddenly the hint of a smile flickered across her lips.And finally when she passed me we were incredibly smiling at each other,together.

Of course the entire episode lasted hardly five seconds,but by Lucifer, to imagine this happening in a city full of dead people with necrotic minds.Well even if we were to assume that smiling at guys in cars at intersections was her favourite fetish ,I still think it's incredible.Short,sweet and highly uplifting...wish all relationships were like this!!

Her face,amazingly, I cannot recollect any more but her gesture, for whatever reason,still leaves me uncomfortably happy....

From the Diary....

The mind didn't register the face at first because it was wholly unexpected.When he came into the room later and asked for introductions, she might have felt a pang though she tried to hide it.Her name brought back the memories.She had changed a lot.Her face had become more angular and bony but the beauty was still there undiminished.The eyes had lost none of their beauty.Her long hair was tied tightly in a bun.It was a privilege to look at the face of a beautiful woman without a trace of make up or waxing, threading and what not...a woman in all her natural splendour...

He was always a master at hiding his emotions and engaging in small talk.Why did people meet under circumstances like this,he often wondered?Where one can't make a move,where one is bound tight by circumstances.

On their first meeting the attraction was spontaneous and mutual, though not a word was said on the matter.He had always scorned at movies where lovers were separated by "fate".The belief in the will of man, for him, was total. Yet here he was, afraid of even taking a step.
Does love need to be expressed for fulfillment? Does the culmination of love lie in sex and marriage ? Or does it lie in just the gaze and smile of the loved one?

She was immensely shy around him and laughed in a self conscious sort of way he found highly amusing.He had forgotten that she was as tall as him.In the end, he decided not to spoil the moment by asking for something as banal as a phone number.

Note :Some portions of this material above may have been plagiarized.Many thanks to the original authors!!

Kazaa v/s Winmx & some Cool Goose..

This site is a mess...Blogger selling out to the Google guys was unpardonable.The new Blogger version is being tested which means the following things can happen,rather happened to me:
1) The links become ulta, despite configuring correctly.
2)The blog description does some censoring on its own with the result that half the time what i write is not what I see.
3)Then there's the queer problem of the image link.When the cursed cursor moves over the image nothing!! But move it to the left or right ahh there's the hand!!
4)Last but not the least the site keeps disapearing for long hours.The template goes blank once in a while too to help matters.

The best part of the whole process is that u can't complain to anyone unless u happen to use Blogger Pro...yep ,if u didnt pay for it ,u don't complain seems to be Pyra Lab's motto.So any of you seriously thinking about giving blogging try stay well clear of Blogeer!

Kazaa created history some time back as the most downloaded program in cyberspace with a cool 240 million downloads.Last week they created history of another sort by releasing their latest version 2.5 . I have seen some pretty dissastisfied customers over the years but nothing compares to this.A deluge of reviews lambasting Kazaa made it the most bad reviews ever received by an established program after an update.The few good words seem to be put in by the Company PROs,coz they are precisely that ...mostly one liners!
More and more people are using kaazalite and I decided to check out if the hype lived up to the expectations.It didn't far as mp3s and video files were concerned.Zilch!!Maybe they were talking about porno stuff.Anyway it came nowhere close to winmx regarding availablity and download speed of files. Maybe this has a lot to do with the fact that most users of Audiogalaxy shifted to winmx following the former's untimely demise.

One of the most well guarded secrets in Indian mp3 sharing is out...Coolgoose has started removing from its data base scores of Hindi mp3s and some Malayalam songs too because of "copyright violation".This site has,unarguably,the best collection of malayalam mp3s out there.Users can upload their songs to the server,and hence a huge collection of filmi and album songs have come up...Ahh the generous spirit of the ever giving mallu ;-)..There are songs in all the Indian languages too but mallu mp3s rulez!!Anyway people get ur mp3s before they shut this site down which from the look of it is not going to be that far off .