Anon no more

I was walking along the ghats in Rishikesh today enjoying the early morning wind, the sight of the river, the soaring eagles and what not. An acceptable number of people were walking, bathing, meditating, stretching, standing on their heads,  etc doing what people are supposed to do in a holy town.  Not too crowded or noisy to enjoy the magnificent Ganges and the green…

“Which river is this?” , I was shaken out of my reverie by this billion dollar question.

I just smiled. I knew what  this was about. The questioner looked like a old village pradhan type but I was not easily fooled. I acted cool, nodded my head, smiled again and started looking for the hidden cameras. Of course this had to be one of those hidden camera programs where they take you for a ride… but at 6 in the morning ?! These guys must be very hard working types.

“Ganga he na?” he asked politely again.

I nodded still looking furiously for the cameras.

“The same river that flows through Vrindavan?”

Okayyyy….looks like this guy's on a trip !

I bet this dude would have gone to see Taj Mahal and would have asked somebody there :

"Yeh Red Fort he na?Jo Indira Gandhi ne banaya ?”

Anyway folks, the good news is that I didn't fall for this scam. But of lately, strange things like this are happening to me. People who have not been in touch for eons have got in touch. Old flames are burning again…

And my cover is blown.

A girl/woman whom I haven’t seen for 14 years tracked me down to this blog. I mean I know I am a prize catch and all that but still dedicating years of your life in hot pursuit of a guy …well well…

Of course I’m flattered. She used every trick in the book short of hiring private investigators or getting a red notice issued by the Interpol. I thought this blog was pretty fool proof you know. So Anon no more.

She was the first girl I met online who had the guts to meet me offline.Make no mistake about it, we are talking about an exceptionally brave girl. We used to chat in Yahoo messenger everyday and she knew I was a psychopath but still she was all for meeting me. Just to make things more interesting I suggested the place for our first rendezvous to be a Krishnamurti gathering. Looking back I’m amazed she agreed to come at all ! Nothing much happened after that… I mean she finally understood that I was a psychopath( a gone case as they would say) and just let me be… Anyway I’ll be seeing her in a couple of months for a 'reconnect'.

Hey,don’t get your filthy minds in spin mode guys… she’s married, a mom and blah blah. That makes it even more exciting I hear you say. Damn well right you are… ;)