Al Pacino in The Godfather II

That's how I looked after a visit to the barber(we don't use that word much ,do we?) I decided to be brave this time around .So out went all those long black hairs strategically placed over the forehead to act as cover for my rapidly receding hairline.I had to sooth my ruffled ego after this "summer crew cut" ,so an oil head massage it was.Is there anything more divine in this world than having your head knocked around by an expert masseur ?! After the customary massage and shampoo, the guy began acting strange.After drying my hair ,he comes back with some more oil and presses my hair with it...What's he afraid of,that my hair will blow off when the hair dryer comes? The result was that even after the hair dryer had done its job(drying the hair,not blowing it off,mind you) my hair looked anything but dry. Yep, it was Michael Corleone's sleek oily hairdo which was staring back at me.Now only if the rest of my facial anatomy resembled anything like him !!

End-piece :For all those people interested in P2P software like Kaaza,winmx,imesh,etc this should prove interesting reading.The war with the RIAA(ex Ag users should be familiar with the term!!) is entering a new decisive phase indeed.
The monsoons are finally here and it's a huge relief.Everything's beautiful, fresh again...The past month was a horror trip for me personally.I lost out on a lot but then surprisingly am back on track.Or so it seems.Have been traveling all over the place and my travels took me to Chennai too.Its only when you travel outside Kerala that you're aware of the beauty that you leave behind.Chennai or Madras is so unchanged.Its dry,the place stinks,its hot and you wonder why people bother living in a place where they have to depend on mineral water everyday for basically everything.But I was deploring life in Trivandrum when I left Munnar !! Man, am I a whiner or what!!

The only high point in the Chennai trip was meeting Veena.There was that surprising lack of tension that meeting an online pal for the first time evokes(at least in me!).Yeah she was tense for maybe a minute ,but then it was like we had known each other for years.And awfully sweet of her to come meet me considering she had fever and was pretty weak.I asked her about Madras and she actually likes living there.Maybe just a matter getting used to the conditions.She has a slightly upturned nose and small mouth ,beautiful to watch while she's talking.She talks damn fast too,half the time she had to repeat stuff for me.

The skies have turned a menacing dark grey here..its incredible how quickly the sunlight vanishes and the light just fades away.Monsoons are incredibly beautiful !There's this wedding party or something I might have to go tonight.If there's one thing I hate more than marriages,its got to be newly weds.Man, are they obliviously arrogant about the rest of the world or what? Hate that smugness...Wouldn't have minded if they were in that state for ever ,but its temporary as we all know and till that period God help all those who cross their path.

This blog has become a fortnightly affair .I am rather destabilized now (mentally),not a good excuse for not writing,but still....there's no knowing where im headed next....