The Ladies..

I don't know the exact reason why but I prefer reading blogs by the opposite sex. Maybe it's because they write from a different perspective and are able to express their emotions better.Gorgeous is an old hand at blogging and right from the first post she has been bang on target.All her posts without exception are of a high standard and her descriptive prowess have to be read to be believed.Sheetal writes with a bubbly enthusiasm that I hope stays with her....he he.She reminds me a lot of my younger days and engages in disapearing acts and writes superficially,just like moi .I strongly believe she takes inspiration from me. ;)No venturing into the deep waters of emotional turmoil or auto psychoanalysis for us!!But I suspect she's more honest and of course nowhere near as devious as me.My latest female addiction is Speed whose writing is similar to G's and of course just as popular.Both are brutally honest and write things I could never have the courage to divulge even if Im clothed in anonymity.Those might be the ingredients after all, brutal honesty and no beating around the bush, that makes all these ladies delighting to read!

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