To the eidolon in the Zen....

With the onset of monsoons, comes the play of light and rain.The sky one moment dark,cold and brooding,the next moment ablaze with light! And the rain always gentle after that initial torrent has wiped the city clean of its dirt.

This morning,was such a glorious day and my car was bang in the busy intersection waiting to turn right.Typical Indian road scene...lots of hooting, horning, swearing.Cars were slowly coming from the opposite direction while a traffic policeman was doing what he can.I was the first in my lane and having the luxury of watching the full chaos in the junction, watching with detachment the cars ambling along.

A white Zen was coming towards me and there was a very pretty gal inside.Her car had the red cross sticker,so she must be a doc?! She had bobbed hair and looked even more beautiful coming closer.Wait a minute ,do I know her? I kept looking (not staring;) ) at her trying to figure out .She was looking back at me the whole time and suddenly the hint of a smile flickered across her lips.And finally when she passed me we were incredibly smiling at each other,together.

Of course the entire episode lasted hardly five seconds,but by Lucifer, to imagine this happening in a city full of dead people with necrotic minds.Well even if we were to assume that smiling at guys in cars at intersections was her favourite fetish ,I still think it's incredible.Short,sweet and highly uplifting...wish all relationships were like this!!

Her face,amazingly, I cannot recollect any more but her gesture, for whatever reason,still leaves me uncomfortably happy....

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