From the Diary....

The mind didn't register the face at first because it was wholly unexpected.When he came into the room later and asked for introductions, she might have felt a pang though she tried to hide it.Her name brought back the memories.She had changed a lot.Her face had become more angular and bony but the beauty was still there undiminished.The eyes had lost none of their beauty.Her long hair was tied tightly in a bun.It was a privilege to look at the face of a beautiful woman without a trace of make up or waxing, threading and what not...a woman in all her natural splendour...

He was always a master at hiding his emotions and engaging in small talk.Why did people meet under circumstances like this,he often wondered?Where one can't make a move,where one is bound tight by circumstances.

On their first meeting the attraction was spontaneous and mutual, though not a word was said on the matter.He had always scorned at movies where lovers were separated by "fate".The belief in the will of man, for him, was total. Yet here he was, afraid of even taking a step.
Does love need to be expressed for fulfillment? Does the culmination of love lie in sex and marriage ? Or does it lie in just the gaze and smile of the loved one?

She was immensely shy around him and laughed in a self conscious sort of way he found highly amusing.He had forgotten that she was as tall as him.In the end, he decided not to spoil the moment by asking for something as banal as a phone number.

Note :Some portions of this material above may have been plagiarized.Many thanks to the original authors!!

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