The Indian knot

Finally did a couple of very important things that were supposed to be done just two months back.Can you imagine that?!This procrastination business is getting worse daily.The unemployed status further compounds the problem instead of easing it out.There's nothing else to do but that which is staring at you for a god-awful two months and yet...It's one of the unexplained mysteries of my life...

Why do people in India make a big issue out of caste?Higher,Lower..It's so evident among the adults but decreasing in intensity among the younger generation.There was this Christian girl who fell in love with a low caste Hindu boy and then married someone else under family pressure.Her mother said"Anyone else it was ok, but a harijan?!"

The West looks at the Indian model of marriages in awe.. all these arranged marriages and stuff...even in the dotcom era its hardly different,people fall in love after checking out the surnames as in real life.Marriages here were never about love.It has everything to do with prestige,coming together of two familes,business ties,etc.Where else in the world will u list your degrees ,income ,visa status,ancestral property,bank balance,etc.Nobody asks themselves whether they want to get married at all.It has to be there right along with the board exams, an indisputable impending unavoidable part of life.The ultimate test of manliness is ofcourse fathering a child within the first year of marriage.

Whats the real purpose of this institution as old as whoring ? Convenience? Dependence? Financial stability? Emotional cover?I am yet to see a marriage having the same intensity right through the end.If we look to recreate the magic in romance and continue it into marriage with the same intensity ,I don't think its ever worked with anyone.And boy, dowry is big business in India.One of my friends got a crore, that is one followed by six zeros!! just like that! Coz he had the prefix Dr attached to his name.

Meenuji ,flattered you included me in the list of writers...I consider myself more a pretender than a real has a lot to do with inspiration ,I have to be inspired and pumped up to write(which hasn't happend for well over two years ;-) )...a true writer ,i read somewhere, doesn't sit around waiting for inspiration. He just writes.


  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. Anon, this is probably the best comment ive received. Thanks for taking the trouble reading through at least some of the muck i wrote years ago.


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