Back by popular request ;)

It all started quite innocently enough when I laughed like a maniac on February 17th 11:00pm..Nothing strange there, for I was immersed in the final chapters of Mostly Harmless ..Douglas Adams does that to me,pity my neighbours. However,what happened next was very strange..As if on cue, the power went off .To cut a long story short, the repairmen came the very next day and repaired whatever it was to be prepared,or so I thought.The power was back ,only problem was that things looked a bit westernised.yeah ,they gave us fridge,no TV,no computer..back to prehistoric times.

Immediately I started showing withdrawal symptoms from all three.Hanging around the computer room, constanly checking on the "ice status" in the fridge,being very restless and fidgety....Finally day before yesterday, I had enough with the dim lit bulbs and the smelly fridge and went off for an interview in Cochin.I had two objectives...first to preserve my sanity and next if I felt really horribly good ,maybe go for the interview.Now from here on its a tale of orgasms.Those with a weak heart and easily excitablre mind please don't proceed.No please don't misunderstand me....Im not a man of many orgasms...but the conditions were so good that....

i shelled out a fortune for an AC double room in a star hotel in Cochin(don't jump to conclusions there were no single rooms available) ...Orgasm no1: while sinking down into the bed and exhaling and inhaling the cool air...
no.2 Soaking myself in the bathtub for about uhm 2 hours??Now that's multi orgasmic and probably the only thing more pleasurable than having a woman in bed with you.Thing is you can't cry for pleasure (yeah ,really brawl) when ur with a woman but in the tub you are the boss.

Did I tell u people that I am cable starved?yeah no cable tv at saw Philadelphia again and got senti again.That one day in the hotel rejuvenated my mind and body...More on my other orgasmic details later :)

P.S: This post is dedicated to the millions of my fans( mostly female ;) ) who spent agonising days worrying about my and kisses to you all :)

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