Saw "Nammal" a couple of days back... a better than average campus flick with stellar performances from Suhasini and Balachandra Menon.A bit over on the melodrama I thought but bearable nevertheless.The newcomers, Sidharth Bharatan (son of late Bharatan and KPAC Lalitha) and Jishnu (son of actor Raghavan) and Renuka Menon are good.Renuka was the best ,I thought ,though she had nothing much to do. Suhasini puts in an effortless performance and by God , she's still one of the most beautiful women in the industry.The chap who came as Noolunda was hilarious.Bhavana was great as Parimalam.

Fell in love with the song "sukhamanee nilaavu"...the choreography and cinematography rocked too..."Ente Ammaya onnukaanan" has Kaithapram at his best.."Rakhashasi " is good to hear too...

Scenes to check out for:Shivan reading Sathyanathan's (Balachandra Menon) letter...Sathyan confronting Shyam about the letter...For a better more comprehensive review click here

On more filmi news,Nandanam has swept the Films Critics awards, a prelude to the State Awards winning seven including best pic, director and actress :)

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