Thanks G, for letting me know about backBlog, though I doubt it will be much use here.Despite the ridiculous ease of registering and usage, I still managed to screw up.It took me 3 hours *wipes sweat off brow* to get the comments section going !! It's got to be a world record.Not really my fault.I am a certified "technically challenged" person.Well the root of all the trouble was ' ...Yeah that tiny straight line up there between the "l" and the "s" in "The mallu devil's musings"..sheesh so i had to change my blogname...Anyway as somebody kindly pointed out, i don't muse much on this blog of now.

I have got a bad habit of going on and on about things I relish.Check out my review on Nandanam.But Ill keep it short and sweet this time coz there's no use me telling you about it.You've got to go and see for yourself.I don't know if everybody else feel this way but the women bloggers write far better than us men folks methinks.This lady in particular, writes like a dream and with brutal honesty too.It just blows you away.You know you are on to something special when you read the title of her blog "Married to a long haired freak".She's definitely my temptation of the month...hmmm ...that sounds too carnalistic, so Ill change it to lure...*evil grin*...I like to think I discovered her , a sort of godfather , so I've decided to promote her to the read her people ,you'll love her !!

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