This post is for G who cracked me up with her "What is this?" comment on my "10th grade"post.She must have thought it was my diary entries or something more weirder but I guess the reference to prom and stuff makes that pretty unlikely,huh?It all started when I chanced upon g's hubby's blog and zonked him.Suddenly I was completly disoriented and I conked out soon after I shut down the computer.No it wasn't reading G's hubby's blog that brought this dizziness spell on as I had thought earlier.Just fever,sore throat,raking coughs and a whole lot of unmentionable disgusting symptoms.So im taking it easy here,but couldnt bear to see my blog without an entry.Is this an obsession or what? I just copied and pasted two articles(jokes?) I found on the net for the two days I was feeeling really couldnt bother with a lot of typing and explaining....feel slightly better today...Whoa, spoke too soon...feeling dizzy again,so before I swoon and crash myself on the keyboard,I'll take leave...cant really say when Ill be back :)...Take care people..

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