As I was checking back into the hotel after the interview, I had a vision.This happened as I was waiting for the lift.I didn't even see her walk from anywhere.She was blond,blue eyes(with specs) , thrityish and a body to hug for...She smiled and I smiled back weakly .In the lift when she said "fourth floor" my heart went" DOOM DHUM DOOOM DHHHHUM"..Yeah loud and clear...What luck,She was staying on the same floor opposite my room and she was travelling alone in India.We chatted endlessly outside my room ,then I invited her in.She was the same profession as mine and we took our very professional discussions to its passionate logical the bed..

I made a terrible mistake .This happened more than a month back when I first started blogging.In the heat or passion of the moment, I idiotically promised to uphold the truth on this site.Guess that has just gone for a huge and mighty six :)

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