S and me were just idling around when I suggested we go for Red Dragon.So off we went to The New Theatre ,the oldest and largest of its kind in Trivandrum.The man at the drinks counter seemed really reluctant to sell us stuff, guess he's grossly underpaid and is taking it out on his employers.During my pre degree days in The Government Arts College ,this theatre screened only soft core pornography.Now they seem to be out of their bad times .There was the usual crowd for a good English movie on the fifth day...around 20 (well its usually one fifith that number but since this movie had an A certificate ...

I had read the book earlier and the movie is a close adaptation.Very slick and fast paced .The novel, I've felt was better than Silence of the Lambs.For the uninitiated, Red Dragon is the first part of the trilogy which consists of Silence of the Lambs(SOL) and Hannibal in that order.But SOL was filmed first ,then Hannibal and finally Red Dragon.Soon found out the reason for the A certificate.Ralph Fiennes runs around in the state he was born in for close to five minutes..So if u like to watch male butts and privates , don't miss this !

Watching the movie I was awed by the professionalism of Hollywood.You couldn't say of a single actor that he/she acted badly.They were all superb.Contrast this with the hamming we have to suffer from SRK and co...Sheesh..come on how many ACTORS are there in India except for an Amir Khan or Amitabh? Not many I'm afraid...Oh , New theatre now features R.B.E(Real Body Experience).When the heroine screams ,the audience screams with her.At least S did.I asked him Why.He pointed to a peruchazhy(huge rat) scrambling away..seems the rat fancied a bite of pop corn from Shetty..It made a few more appearances all impeccably timed to the horrors on the screen!! That's genetic engineering technology for you !

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