Whoa!! I have been accepted into The Indian Bloggers ring .....took two weeks(or more?!).They really took their time and especially the way my blog was going(esthetically and material wise), it must have been real close.. ;)

Went to the only business ***** hotel in Trivandrum yesterday...The Muthoot Plaza .Have been there lots of times but this time went to see a friend of a friend.Hmm, complicated ,I know.He has a top job there and we had a good time.Nice ambience and very posh.The bar was flooded with foreigners.Airplane crew from 3 airlines ,everybody having a good time.Lots of business magnates around too and some people not recognisable but nevertheless appearing or pretending to be important.

There has always been a feline presence in my life...reminds me of "Rain God" in Douglas Adam's So long and Thanks for all the fish which I am reading now.lol.... I am really not a cat lover.But i respect them .They have a majesty reminding me of their wild cousins ,the tigers.There are three tiny kittens in the house now..One is grey with large white patches in between.Another is yellow and white.The third one is black with small whitish patches showing here and there.They are usually interwined like a ball of thread and their movements are slow and unsure .They always stick to each other, for warmth I presueme , so its more or like one animal with three heads and tails !!Its heartbreaking when they look at you.They just opened their eyes and the world stops when they stare at you.As the girls in my class used to say "chochweet".....

When the mother cat arrives they will be usually sound asleep.Once she starts licking them , they instinctively know it's her and start making these high pitched "keey keey" noises with their little tails sticking straight up and run and scramble around .The excitement and confusion is beautiful to watch.The mother is pretty sensitive and very alert.You sit quietly for a long time watching her feed the kids and she watches you right back.It takes some time before she trusts you enough to go to sleep while feeding her kittens.Once some kids(guests) made a big fuss over the kittens when the mother was around.She moved the kittens from that place the very next day.Anyway I don't touch or hold the kittens,an intrusion into their world I feel.It's sad though that most of the kittens never survive.Either the dog or the tomcat gets them.The tomcat kills off it's own kittens to bring the female into heat i'm told ,though i dont know if this is true.

There are three things I can't resist... nature, women and books.So blew away an appreciable amount on a Book exhibition in the VJT Hall...impressive by Trivandrum standards.Saw the snap of a very young Madhavikutty on the cover of Ente Kadha (My story)...What a pretty woman..

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