When it rains,it pours.That's what's happening in Trivandrum and strangely enough in my life...a temp job,friends materialising out of the blue..H came down from Manipal and straightaway a get together of all the chaps were arranged.So S, P,H and yours truly went to the only decent place in Trivandrum and that is the kadalpallam in Valiyathura.Its a bridge which extends a good 150 metres into the sea.Not many people around and families are averse to coming here ,mainly coz the place is frequented by fishing folk.The breeze and the view are terrific..At the farthest end ,this bridge ,a good 50 years old, is around 20 feet deep.It's undobtedly one of the best kept secrets in Trivandrum and I sincerely hope it stays that way...There were lots of clouds and the sunset was breathtaking .The sky was awash with colourful splendour.

Looks like my prayers have been answered at last...Its vacation time for me folks ,albeit a tiny one...mostly just for the weekend,but if I like the place I just might stay for a week. Will tell u about this place when and if i return in one piece ;-)

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