Met a nice bloke yesterday online at WinMX..yes he's Australian..I don't know about you, but Australia to me always conjured up images of fierce ,no bullshit taking ,abusive six feet plus homo sapiens..blame it on the beer ads.I was unsuccessfully(anything new?) trying to download a couple of mp3s from him.Considering the fact that I belong to the T.B.C( Technologically Backward Class), he was extremely polite and patient with me.We discussed a bit of cricket and the weather too.These mp3 sites are where I have met a majority of my online friends.

It all started with Audiogalaxy(R.I.P) over a year ago.One had to download an Audiogalaxy satellite,go to the home page and then search and queue up the songs that one wanted.As simple as that.There were groups for every artist and music subdivision you could think of. Once you are in a group you could send a song to all the members of the group or any particular person. Met a hell lot of different personalities there and my music education had well and truly begun.Every member had his own home page where he could list whatever he felt like listing.People were listed by countries and you could contact peeps online at the same time by IM.

"If something is too good to be true ,it usually is"...sob...Ag followed the way of napster leaving me with a broken heart and 12 GB of mp3s.But Ag was certainly not an angel.Recently after installing and running Ad-Aware I found my computer to be a spy mine with the evil Gator having a free run.Despite that, Ag was the best .Winmx is spyware free ,that way its good.But for a truly unique music learning experience Ag was the king.

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