One of the benefits of the unemployed status is the huge amount of time on my hands.So I started what any self respecting purposeful individual would do in my circumstances.Go back to the classics !! Just bought The Complete Illustraated Sherlock Holmes brought out by Roopa with all the original drawings that appeared when Conan Doyle's works were published serially in The Strand.I am half way through "Sign of four" ...The sleuth injecting cocaine (the first scene) and having a blast amused was expunged from all the versions I had read when I was younger..What's the big deal I wonder?All geniuses have their eccentricities and viles,for what is a genius without them ?

The talk of war is all over the place.For Christ's sake I saw a demonstartion even in Trivandrum the other day.Left me secretly pleased .John Brady Kiesling, a member of Bush's Foreign Service Corps and Political Counselor to the American embassy in Greece stepped down earlier this week in protest against the US policy on Iraq.Didn't see this bit of news in any of the papers here.Here's his letter to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell.This clearly shows people are protesting and acting too at that, but the media is preferring to ignore them.All war is bad and I don't think the protest is just about Iraq.Hopefully its a message against war everywhere.The protests have been massive and universal across the world.The Pictures tell the stories themselves.It might take acouple of minutes to load the page so pls be patient folks.If all the pictures don't show up on the first try, refreshing the page will do the trick.

Letter link courtesy:Meenuji

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