Kerala's Day of shame

There is a picture in the paper featuring the two kids in relation to the above story but its not there in the website..Its gut wrenching not because they are hideous or different but because they are like any other kids.Unfortunately I don't have a scanner,but I think it should be there in all the Kerala editions of The Hindu.This story proves the point that there is only so much you can do with education and awareness.AIDS related ads are screaming day in day out of the tv and radios here,what is the use? But in one way its hardly surprising .In southern Kerala you'll find the most selfish stubborn ,rude conservative people on the planet.Nothing will go into their thick skulls.Heres the press report of the story.

Sorry about the pic quality, this was all I could manage.This is NOT the photo I had in mind but guess it will do.

Image courtsey:Mathrubhumi

On the war front, Australian high school students made a strong "Books not Bombs "statement . In USA actors who have dared to go public against the war are feeling the heat

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