Let me indulge myself. This post will not be of any interest to the majority but since there's nothing else of interest to write , I might as well do it.This is about my relationship with music which started a looong time back.The first image is me perched on top of the washing stone(a cement square structure with a stone embedded in the center used for washing clothes) and "singing" at the top of my voice at the impressionable age of four or five.We were at that time living in a colony where the houses were virtually jammed together in a row,seven or eight of them. Day after day, at around seven I used to get up and start hollering the same songs till eight.Yep ,there was no stopping me.My parents and the meighbours tried all forms of "therapy" but I was pretty stubborn even then.Till the age of nine I was just into mallu songs.I am still a hard core fan of old malayalam film songs.

The year was 1988 and "BAD" was making waves.I had a chance to surf the Michael Jackson mania and this was my first true introduction to pop music.As the years rolled by The Bee Gees, Queen,Madonna,Richard Marx,MLTR,Belinda Carlisle,Jim Reeves,Cliff Richard and innumerable others filled my heart.Big fan of HIndi songs mostly old and upto DTPH.I very rarely listen to the new ones.

I have had the "goosebump effect " twice.It's when you listen to a song for the first time and suddenly you know that youve heard this one before, that you are going to hear it again and it reminds of you time beyond here.And needless to say ,you get goosebumps.Only two songs in this category so far..one is "manasu pole paayum nadi" from "Mazhayettum mumbe" and "Nee kaatru njan Maram" a Tamil song.The feling is instantaneous , as soon as you hear the first line , you know that this is "it".The first song I heard in a movie theater and the second on the computer.lol...I know it doesnt make much sense and i wonder whether this gels with the rest of the post but since what i write hardly ever makes much sense ,lets leave it at that.

The mp3 fixation started with the need to hear a few good songs.I still used to buy cassetes at that time but found that they were mysteriously inflicted with fungus soon after.I mean ,My dad's Jim Reeves casette ,while 30 years old, has no probs.So either the new technology is not up to the mark or these companies are doing it on purpose.Yeah ,in business,no conspiracy theory is as far fetched as it sounds.So starting off as an innocent 128 kbps downloader ,I became a 192 kbps fan and now a 320 kbps fanatic.There sure is a huge difference in clarity .A week back with the help of a good friend, I burned all those Gigabytes for posterity.Believe it or not, I recently came across a blog whose author claimed the existence of an aluminium eating godawful fungus.He had photos to prove the same, showing effects of the fungus on his cd. :-(

"All good things start free and then.." This is my quote for the www.You must have heard that Google bought blogspot.There was this big fuss about increased server speed ,efficiency blah ,blah. But this looks good , a double barelled ad the top of blogspot devouring "The Mallu Devil".At first I thought my eyes had finally crashed, making me see double on the screen .Nice work chaps, when do i get to see the pop up windows?

Those who are still awake and reading , let me .share with you something I enjoyed.Its about Mandira Bedi's performance In Sony Max during this world cup.I haven't seen this "performance" yet so I really don't know if it's biased, but some of her supposed comments had me in splits.If the link is not on, lemme know.

This post dedicated to the ever "young and gorgeous" G.Lets hope she stays around blogging for ever !!


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