Never thought I would be adding to my Wicked Blogs section soon but fate had other plans.There are seven very wicked people already out there and the reason I have detested from adding more is because of lack of time.I take nearly an hour to go through all these blogs but it helps now that most of these chaps have slowed down their blogging speed frequency.The latest entry demanded himself to be placed there mainly coz his site's easy on the eye while mine's not.A love for Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield may have clinched the deal for him.

Well since I have started on the subject I'll go into it in some detail.The "Wicked Blogs" section contains blogs of people whom I love to read.Period.I don't think you'll find me listed in their blogs in a prominent place,if at all I'm there ;), coz it doesn't work that way for me.My modus operandi is to just link people I like without asking their permission.Pretty rude I guess,but that's the devil for u ;).So all those wicked blogs are here without their owner's free will.

There are a huge number of blogs out there I can't relate to but that don't mean they are bad,they are just outside my tiny sphere of comprehension.Usually I land on my site, check the messages and head straight for the wicked blogs section by just clicking away...saves time and energy.

Im finding it hard to blog these days though it was unimaginable that it would come to this when I started blogging.I was just so happy to let off steam and let the "world" know what I thought.Plus there was the thrill of learning HTML,rather trying to learn HTML...Coincidence or not Rediff introduced blogs within 24 hours of me going on air.

I hate to live upto expectations and keep up appearances and funnily that seems to be what Im doing now..Im seriously thinking of going into exile like Meenuji but of a much longer duration but the only thing preventing me from doing this is the feeling that I may snap out of this phase any moment.That's the first thing one checks on waking up..Am I in the mood today? Well I guess this explanation looks good enough for an anticipatory bail for any of my future misdemeanors.

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