I am anti etiquette by nature but my behaviour over the last "few" days calls for some protocol .So a big sorry to all my handful of regular leaders, for my pushing off ,rather sinking without notice."Work" makes u do that...The Freek should know.But again ,truth to tell, was not exactly in the mood or right frame of mind...blame it on Munnar(beginning to think that the effect's permanent) ;) Anyway thanks for all the messages by all ye folks.Well I received my first private message in the bargain .Thanks for the thought...You know who u r ;)..Btw just had the feeling after reading the stuff by "a reader" that it was the freek impersonating.That guy will do desperate things by God!!Of course considering my mental state has not entirely stabilised ,it's most likely my imagination :)Ok now to post proper:

"Its been three years and it was an unexpected meeting.She had put on weight and incredibly seemed much more fairer.Though the meeting took place not exactly under auspicious circumstances ,it was good to meet someone you were sure of not seeing again.She had flown in from US but didnt look jet lagged.Her husband was a jolly fellow and did not seem to mind as we caught up with old times (gossip).

The gorgeous N,she told me, was a shadow of her former self !! N was our classmate for five years and we shared a fondness for indolence.We were both most happy when we were doing nothing.She married a neurosurgeon and shifted to US.She was a stunning woman by any standards and more importantly had someone living upstairs too.Ok I had a small crush on her, a very minor one ;) But she was not really "my type".Guess the feeling was mutual.Anyways,always hate to see a beautiful creation of God go waste.

Heck theres no time like the fun we had in college.Hostel life, trips with a 10 minute notice,flirting with girls,groupisms,politics...Our hostel was 24 hrs accessible ...anybody could go and come as they please.We relived all that and her hubby agreed with us that theres no time like college time."

-Condenced excerpts from "People who crossed the Devil's path"

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