la premiere fois

It is always strange how you react to something you've always lusted for a long time when you finally get it.So here she was finally in his arms and it really had an ethereal quality about it.Surprisingly he felt no fireworks, no magic that the writers promised,but just a feeling he had always felt that this was all natural.But she enjoyed it immensely though with trepidation and much reservation.She was doing something she had sworn not to do....she almost felt like she had cheated on her love though they were estranged now.But she still loved the other person,he could see.They had lusted for each other and this act he felt was the natural culmination .

She was very apprehensive and was literally panting with fright when he switched off the lights and held her close.Though it was the first time for both of them, he felt strangely confident.A woman is always a wonder and sex,as an act, to him was always sacred.He was filled with awe at the reactions he could produce in her .She was really beautiful naked, under the table lamp glow.He still could not categorize his feelings for her.What started as pure lust had developed shades of love in it.She repeatedly swept her hair away when he tried to bury his face in it."You'll become attached to me" she whispered and he just smiled.He placed his ear under her breast and lay for a long time hearing the gentle thumping of  her heart.

He liked it that she was innocent in a sexual way.He didn't think there were any more naive women out there.He was very playful with her but he had a feeling she was holding back.They quickly learned to kiss and she was a hungry learner.She had a very sensitive body and it was a pleasure making love to it.The next morning she ran her hands through his hair and held his hand,while he was still half asleep.The gesture had a dream like quality to him but still he sighed.When he finally woke, she had gone.

one of my first attempts at telling a story :) - Pan,Jan 2010

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