Acceptance Speech

For all  people interested, Devil's Musings has picked up another award. Yes folks, I know it was just a matter of time considering how good a writer i think myself to be ;) Bad jokes apart, I am not a big fan of awards , competition, etc. But since blogging awards usually don't come with money, my non materialistic self is sort of ok with it. Sepo deemed it fit to bestow upon me this award:

Just for a change im going to stop being narcisstic and talk about 5 wonderful people I'm passing this on to. They are all unique but have many things in common:
1)I have never met any of them in the real world.
2)They have stood by me and commented through times of frequent posting, and times of post famine.
3)They keep coming back and read every post even though i don't go to their blogs for weeks.
4)They are all gorgeous women who write exceptionally well.

So in every way apt for this award !

This applies to Sepo as well. So ladies thanks a bunch! For my other regular readers, thank yopu as well for your regular visits and support. Unfortunately im allowed to pass this on to only 5 folks, so until next time...

The  Winners:
Raji  Don't let the simple layout fool you. Just in her teens she writes exquisitely in a wide canvas not limited to the usual fascination with fashion, boy bands et al. Check out her latest post Wishes and Dreams and you'll know what i mean !
Jai Published author. Do i need to say more ? Highly recommended with a huge fan following. My gut feeling says shes also a nice person at heart !
Jeeves  Another young writer who puts her heart into her writing. Non pretentious and very enjoyable read.
Gal next door Anonymous blogger who can rant and fume and also go totally soft. The variety of topics she handles is mind boggling and i never quite know what to expect when i visit !
Elmoniv One of my favourite bloggers in terms of style of writing. Go see yourself !

Just before you think that i cater only to the opposite sex, I will be failing in my duties if I don't give an award to a fellow vagabond:

21st century nomad takes honesty to a whole new level. I am a big fan of his post cards !


  1. hey u have written this post soo well. kudos to ya...!!
    nd thnx for the compliment :D

  2. How sweet!

    I thank your gut for believing I'm a nice person at heart. You've tickled me pink!


  3. I'm unpretentious? Well, now I know I can die a happy woman.:D Thank you for the post, the compliments.Nice to know someone appreciates the cathartic verbal scramble I produce.

  4. Hey duuude!

    Thanks this was a pleasant surprise :) Thank you for being a reader that revisits my blog and for the comments!

  5. Oh my god! Thanks pan! Thats so absolutely sweet! And flattering! Please tell me you meant all of it!

  6. Sepo, you made it all possible ! so all these comments go to u as well :)

  7. Yes Jai , i think im developing telepathic powers coz of my intense sadhana. thats how i gauged u ;)

  8. Jeeves , im a huuuggeee fan of the verbal scramble of yours!

  9. gal, i love giving surprises ;)

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  11. raji, i swear and stand by every single world. arise and awake to your talent !

  12. HAHAHAHA whooo hoo! thats right men can write too!! thanks for the award and for all the comments...looking forward to the next post and yeah maybe ill find u in india..we can do a collaborative blog entry or something haha

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  14. Nomad,
    You deserve several more ! the collaboraitive blog entries sound interesting. 1st get ur ass over here though !


Thanks for taking the time to write :)