a journey...

My love affair with the Indian railways continues... Travelled in 'Garib rath' for the first time. Garib rath roughly translates as poor man's train. 14 coaches of centrally air-conditioned luxury, paying 200/- more than the ordinary non AC 'sleeper'. The coach was spanking new, and of course there were very few poor people in spite of the name! There was a French couple in the same coupĂ©, and i challenge anyone to beat the seductiveness of the  French language when a woman is cooing it. It's all there, allure, flirtation, eroticism... no language turns me on so much !

It's been quite a while since i travelled AC and I felt pampered. No kadchkadch ttzee ttzee... thats the sound in the carriages , the 'sleeper class' but which i have got used to and almost works like a lullaby for me. No vendors screaming cchhhaaai cchhhaai, poori masala  iddllyy vaddaaiii at 3 in the morning. No beggars with imaginative injuries and handicaps, no singers rendering the fav bollywood tunes. In short , a bit dull and boring. When I arrived it didn't even feel like a proper Indian train journey. Hell, even the toilets were spotless! The last stop at the end of a 18 hour journey was at the suburbs of Trivandrum, with no bus service.

As i was de-training, the girl in front suddenly turned around and said "this is the last stop right?" , with the hint of a smile. White T shirt, black hair, squinting eyes sizing me up in blue denims.

Yeah, I smiled 'fully' back. I don't do smile rationing.She had a bit of a luggage problem.Maybe that would explain the sudden friendliness?
Where are you going to?
" " 
 I offered her help with the bags but she politely declined. Damn and she was a full blooded Malayali. Wow, a Mallu girl befriending the opposite sex without a MOTIVE?? What's happening to Kerala , people?

We shared an auto and chatted in English throughout.  I think my subconscious still refused to accept her as a Mallu.

You don't look like a Malayali
"My friends in Bangalore think I'm chinki"
Hmm do u have Chinese blood in your family?
Beautiful laugh...

I had forgotten the beauty of my home town, the green endless coconut trees, the green green hills, the clean air and the joy of innocent flirting . She loved Bangalore, her course, the weather... Time flew and before we knew it, I had to get down. I think she was surprised that I didn't ask for her number, maybe relieved, who knows?! I couldn't bring myself to spoil the beauty and fragility of that short yet timeless encounter. I'm in love.............................with life !!!


  1. Life is pretty sweet isn't it. There's nothing like the Indian railway network to remind me of that. I'll be on a long train journey myself next week so I'm excited about it.


  2. Hehe... yep life's good at the moment...no complaints !!!

  3. Nothing like conversations with strangers..good for the soul, huh Pan (like Peter Pan!).. :)

    'Before Sunrise'..have ya seen it? You will love that movie.

  4. good stuff bro..shoulda pulled a reversal on her...give her ur number then see if she calls...next time man haha

  5. @ eLmoNiv, very unlike Peter Pan i must say. lost count of the number of times ive seen Before Sunrise & Before Sunset. ;) ur right i love them...

    @ Nomad, in addition to being a very good writer looks like ur not too bad with the ladies eh ? lol...


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