J was in town again,this time for TOEFL and ofcourse Shetty joined us for lunch.The question was where to go.It's pretty difficult to pinpoint a decent place to dine(or lunch) in Trivandrum.We settled for Rangoli ,which never disappointed.We arrived at 1:30 ,hoping for the AC to cool us off..but the AC was not working and there just seemed one waiter who was also acting as the man taking orders.Maybe hes the cook too , J suggested.Very funny!!So we pushed off from there to Residency Tower for the 195/- buffet.Never had been to the place and must admit the food and the atmosphere was excellent.

On the way there, we jumped a traffic light and were told to park by a very angry policeman.No doubt ,if u were standing in the sun that long and had to deal with fools who kept jumping lights and pedestrians who kept crossing when they were not supposed to, you wouled be angry .A second policeman came up...
"Pattathu poyi oru petty adakkanam,ariyallo?"(You have to go to Pattom police atation and pay a petty fine.You know that ofcourse.).
Dear old Shetty(new to town) heard it as petty(in malayalam means box).He thought that the policeman was asking for a favour like to have his box dropped in Pattom(quite far from where we stood).Why the impudence of the rascal!!
"Athonnum pattathilla" fumes Shetty.(That can't be done).The policeman was taken aback at this, just as I was.A look of suspicion came to his eyes.Maybe we were some big shots?He asked our professions and ofcourse then things went easy.Shetty was in the Gov. service and that helped too.He let us off with a warning but we parted with smiles.

There is a ceremony of sorts going on in Mr Gorgeous's aka Nobody's place.It all originated from a not too kind coment on why we blog and why people read us.My reason for blogging was mainly to give vent to my frustrations and to improve my writing skills(what little is left)..The trip to Munnar has certainly soothed my nerves though I don't expect the effects to last long.One of the reasons maybe that I'm hard put to blog these days..But of course there are my regular blogs to read and that itself takes around an hour.. :)

Saw Dil Chahta Hai again( fifth time?) and man, its a superb movie ,a real work of art!!

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