Had the oppurtunity to go through my diary a couple of days back...The first entry reads Feb 2001 and the latest one on Munnar and the diary is not even one fourth over.I write in my diary only in periods of intense emotion but there are some entries which dispute this fact...

Went to bangalore for the weekend.Brr...train arrived at 4:30a.m ....it was freezing.Went to her home from the station.An unforgettable two days for more than one reason.At the end of it all one hopes to have emerged saner...or has one?

Life can seem to be topsy turvy when one looks back.Arrogance can become calculated aloofness in hindsight.But let there be no doubt about it,the girl in the train charmed me no end.One cannot call it friendship or dare call it infatuation. Acquaintance fails to explore the depth of the situation.Ah, Ruskin Bond's poem comes to the mind.

Enough for me you are beautiful,
Beauty posessed diminishes

Better a dream of love
Than love's dream broken

Better a look exchanged
Than love's word spoken

Enough for me that you walk past
A firefly flashing in the dark

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