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This incident happened in my vagabonding days when I was in Auroville staying in a farm. We had to work in the farm for 2 hours every day in exchange of accommodation and breakfast. Sometimes other residents would join us for the mooring work.

During my stay, there were mostly guys on the farm and it was good. We could be ourselves, walk around almost naked in the bare minimum and dispense with politeness. So imagine the chaos when a hot blonde 'un turned up. She always used to wear a long red skirt with purple splotches, tucked high up, when she worked. It looked as if she was wearing a micro mini if anything at all. As far as I know none of the guys was complaining .

God must have spent a disproportionate amount of time on her legs .In case that didn't do the trick, she would often wear a black sleeveless top with a low neck. Ah with colleagues like that you don’t mind working the extra hour! She seemed mildly interested in me for some reason. This was the turning point in our relationship:-

Scene: The banana plantation where some major ‘weeding’ is going on... Blonde and me sitting side by side doing some serious weeding. Imagine the smell of earth, mud on your fingers, and sweat on the body...

Vagabond: "Did you see the play yesterday?"

Hot Blonde: "Naw, I missed it"

"I went with the guys. It was quite good"

She bends over, leans ever so closer, breasts too close and beautiful to miss. white limbs covered in red earth…

"There's a movie day after. If you like..."

I smiled, about to reply,

"awwwwwwooaaaa", She's on her feet screaming like an Amazon warrior

Skirt hikes up further, if that's possible, right hand brandishes a scissors.

"I know these bastards." 

Her left hand plucks something out of the hidden recesses of her right thigh.

"Err,ahem, think they are called ticks"


She looks at the poor little 'fucker', never thought a woman's face could express cruelty so blatantly.
Scissors get to work on the legs of the mite, done with coldness and immense precision. Satiated bliss on face, too real to miss. CHOP ! CHOP! CHOP!.



"About day after tomorrow?"

"Ugh, ive got something coming up, maybe some other time. Excuse me; think I need to go get some fresh air.."

P.S: Friends, I’ve been blogging for more than a decade now and if you think my writing still stinks , check out my older posts and you will be grateful ! But to be fair there are some nice ones and here's one of my favourites. This is based on a real incident in Auroville, December 2009.


  1. Is this what I think it is?? Weeding, ticks?? Dude, Is there too much weeding happening? huh? Were you weeding while writing this post??

    Where is the guy I had an online crush on??
    Bring him back!

    1. Darling, there's always been too much weeding going on in moi life. I'm a proud weeder ! Did you have a crush on me ? Damn you dame, why did you wait for 5 years to reveal that ,eh? Now how will I console all my other jealous lovers ?

  2. Happy new year! Your posts are still awesome, you know :D

    1. Aathira, Belated Happy new Year... thank you for the compliment... was too hung over to reply earlier ;)

  3. Always fun to read your posts. :)
    Keep 'em coming.

    1. SuperLux thanks for dropping by...I'll try my best to be regular in posting Madam :)

  4. The first post I read on ua blog.I don't exactly remember the title but u described ua experience of our Indian railways.One post & u were added to my reading list, I rarely do that.Call it first impression is the best impression or your sarcastic ways of writing...your just awesome boss...try to update regularly...;-)

  5. Come on... You write good!!!!!
    And a decade long blogging is not easy!


Thanks for taking the time to write :)