Back from the Dead

What do you do when you forget the way to the place that you once called home?  24 hours back a strong urge overtook me to dive back into my blog. 1111 days ago I last posted here. Ok Ok the number is slightly exaggerated but only slightly.  Does the blog still exist ? Do people still stop by? For the life of me I just couldn't remember the name of the blog or the web address ! No need to even ask if I remembered the username and password. After trying hard to squeeze my non existing brain I suddenly remembered a gorgeous blog friend's name. She used her real name for blogging and not a phony one like me, so I googled her name , got into her blog follower's list and found my name and blog. Yipppeeee!!! So surprisingly I didn't have to do anything illegal to find my own whereabouts in the net !

I had taken a similar break before  from blogging and then as of now the majority of people who used to blog have died a cyber death. I wonder about these folks, people whose writing I admired , whose angst I shared, whose humour had me in splits. Wherever could they be now? And of course even I have died thrice on blogsphere but with the heavy unabated  fan mail that I receive urging me to come back I had little option but to return .Ah the prize one has to pay for being  great !

Except for the sporadic access to the net, I was in a different world altogether cut off from civilization. Even writing this seems somewhat strange as if I'm just learning to read and write again. Now don't get any ideas folks. I was not jailed although considering some of my activities in the preceding years it was always going to be a close call !  High in the Himalayas by the side of Gangaji I spent 3 blissful years truly forgetting that a world existed outside.

In all likelihood this will be another short innings in cyberspace necessiated by an itching to put my thoughts  down to paper screen. But the road to the mountains always beckons me ...So make the most of it my dear fans... ;)


  1. So fantastic to read some new words from you, dear friend! Tell the rest of the world a little bit about your journey.. I can't believe it has been three years since you last blogged and since we last communicated..Regardless of the duration of your blogging stint, I am glad to be making a connection with you again :)

  2. Elmo darling! I'm really glad you 'made contact'. 'The rest of the world' comment seems a little too optimistic . Don't think this site has that kind of footfall ;)

  3. Ok, I admit that you are correct. It was mainly meant to elicit information about your journey for myself and my selfish interest in your life! :D

  4. So much condescension, but I'm glad you're back :P


Thanks for taking the time to write :)