The lump in my pants...

I sit in front of a screen taking forever to load Blogger. Despite the speed of the internet, it feels as if I am abroad, coz im surrounded by white bodies. Rishikesh was all jungle just 40years ago. Hard to believe seeing the rush of people in search for salvation now that wild animals once roamed this very place not so long ago. At the foothills of the Himalayas with the Ganga's eternal presence, it's still beautiful with lots of forest cover, not a bad place for enlightenment ! I'm in an ashram learning the flavour of Vedanta for 2 months. The day starts at 4 and ends at 7. I hardly check mail and blogging once a week, maybe less, is the only activity I might do on the net  for the foreseeable future. The day is so full I don't miss the internet that much although sometimes I wonder what my blogging buddies are upto. The sanyasins(Hindu monks) who teach me also question the 'wordly' life and it's ramifications. hmmm not helpful at all. ;) Hopefully I will get to read what some of you guys have been upto  soon. For the people who keep reading and leaving comments I can only say that Im very very lucky to have such good readers !

My mobile phone gave up the ghost in Manali. Truth to be told, I was using it more as a camera than a phone. A small voice in my head kept telling me that this was a sign and to trash the set. Which I did. But I also got a new Nokia 1303 (or was it 1203?) whose unusual feature was that while making a call your neighbour could hear the person at the other end of the line more clearly that you. While getting on the bus to Rishikesh I felt something amiss. Something was just not right ! Yes the permanent lump in my pants pocket where my phone used to be. I panicked for a millisecond and then decided to just let the damn thing  go. On the bumpy bus ride I could swear that I could feel the phone vibrating in the pocket. Almost like a bloody phantom limb. It was Holi and i had a window seat. I got reasonably wet with all the kids by the side of the road taking upon themselves to give unsuspecting bus passengers a colour bath.

So far the ashram's been good to me except for a few health niggles. It's beautiful to live by the side of a river so beautiful . Ganga changes her hue throughout the day but mostly its a warm green. Ah one of my big toes seems to be getting infected despite my crude attempts at surgery with a safety pin and dettol !May have to show it to a professional soon.

Om shanti shanti shanti...


  1. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time but please do show that toe to a doctor. Toes don't seem that important at first but they do make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

    Are you bathing in the Ganga every day? How lucky you are to be right next to her! I'm jealous.

    Forget about that lump in your pants. It was only distracting you, anyway. *wink*


  2. first things first
    pleasee see a doctor for heavens sake...!!

    its rili bad man ur w/out a phine, can hardly believe it..!!
    but have a enjoyable and safe trip.

    p.s do see a doc

  3. See a doc, not so much for health reasons but because that toe is gonna mentally nag you until you do(which doesn't really help in attaining enlightenment). Also, do you sometimes find yourself in a cognitive conflict when listening to the monks? Like you disagree abt certain things they believe in? If so, how do you resolve it? And tell us more abt ur daily life in the ashram!Sounds interesting!:)

  4. Wow, two months of peace and quiet sounds heavenly.
    And the gorgeous views of Rishikesh.. Lucky You !

    Somehow I always thought that in these ashrams they would bag away all you belongings and connections to the outside world... Maybe not.. Too many movies have distorted my vision
    But take care of the toe !!!

  5. Before i get a eulogy for my toe, here's a medical update. The bathroom surgery took around 10 minute. Three days later, the nail fell out. Although not too esthetically pleasing the pain and the pus's totally gone.... ok end of gory message ;)

  6. Jai, I dip in the Ganga when I can. In fact i might go right now from the cafe. Yes well said about the lump ;)

  7. Sneha
    Thanks for the concern. Im touched since even my folks were not that worried... :D

  8. Jeeves, detailed post coming up soon explaining the going ons in an ashram !

  9. Butterfly blue... not exactly 2 months of quiet and peace. its pretty hectic and sometimes tiring. + some not so welcome personal change im forced to go through...

  10. @pan
    now that ur toe is good i m relieved .....!!! :P


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