As an introduction to any unwilling , unsuspecting soul who has manifested here , this page was created purely out of need.MY NEED.Living in India , there are still certain limitations to what you can say…Sure, you can say anything but you don’t get heard , yes even on the net.So here I'll pour all my venom and praise and will never have to beg anybody to see myself in print…hehe….

It all started with “The Hindu” , where I came upon an article in which a female(Smitha Sadanandan,if I remember correctly) was bitching about a thing, I thought, she had no right bitching about .Well I should have just written to the paper ,right? "The Hindu" might be the most liberal paper championing minorities and all that stuff, but they don’t tolerate their readers much.Even if you email them they have to have your full snail mail address and all that crap.And they NEVER print or even read articles strongly in opposition to what is in the paper.Yeah, a sort of condenscending know all attitude.The only minus point for the paper, but a sad one.They like to be politically correct and yep u can’t name names and slander even if what youre saying is just truth.Oh yes that’s another thing about my site here…Ahem....TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

Well that which “The Hindu” started , they had a solution for me today.They just told me about weblogs and the rest as they say is history….More on Smitha Sadanandan and her patrionising paper later..

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